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About Us is the brainchild of Green Jello's founding member, Bill Manspeaker.  Stuck without the ability to perform concerts due to the fake apocalypse, Bill's angst from sitting around doing nothing pushed him to create the kind of show that he dreamed of hosting.  On December 31st, 2020, what started as a live stream concert turned into one of the most infamous late night shows to pollute the planet.  With an open door policy in the heart of Hollywood Boulevard, a cast of characters were drawn to the Green Jello Studios and Greenjellovision Musick TV was created.  An idea that had been brewing in the testicles of Bill's mind had been released into the world.  Every week, new people were allowed 5 minutes to perform anything they wanted.  Some folks stuck around for the entirty of the show's episodes, some for just a moment, and others, well, others hung around a little too long.  We can sit here and describe all of the ups and downs, the technical issues, the creative cornucopia of crazed nomads, the personal meltdowns, the legal battles, and the funniest moments ever caught on film, or you can just watch it for yourself.  Throughout this sub-page, you find stories, clips, pictures, cast bios, and personal insights into the 2 1/2 years of nonstop creative effort put forth by the individuals who comprised the greatest worst show of all time,

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